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A Focus on the Root Cause, Not Just Symptoms

Dr. Winstrom believes in not just treating symptoms with drugs, but finding the root cause of chronic conditions and actively working on positive health.

Our Specialties Include:

-  Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy                     -  Thyroid Conditions                       -  AutoImmune Disease                          -  Chronic Fatigue

-  Gastrointestinal Disorders                                -  Blood Sugar Regulation              -  Food Allergies & Sensitivities         -  And More. . .

Experienced in Traditional & Functional Medicine

Dr. Winstrom has observed where the acute care approach works well for certain patients and has also witnessed first hand, the pharmaceutical-focused medical system, failing patients.  She is committed to ongoing learning, continuing new research, and implementing ground breaking diagnostic testing that she sees make a difference with her patients.  She has dedicated herself to the intense studies of the advancing disciplines of natural, alternative, integrative, and Functional Medicine.  Dr. Winstrom believes that Functional Medicine fundamentally makes sense for the future of preventative care.

A Balanced Approach - Naturopath & Scientist

Our approach is to bring balanced care to our bodies.  Using both natural remedies, cutting edge testing and scientific breakthroughs to treat and mend, from the inside, at the root cause.  The body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, which takes time, consistency, balance and care.  Once the body is back in balance, often times with help of supplements and diet and lifestyle changes, it can take over the maintenance on its own, without having to be on medication.

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How does it work?

For most patients, the course of care from diagnosis to healing lasts from four months to one year. 

At the beginning, patients fill out an extensive Functional Medicine health history and can even upload medical data such as past test results using our online tools.  Dr. Winstrom spends time reviewing this information before the first consultation. 

During the first visit Dr. Winstrom gets to know you and probes further into areas she would like to explore within in your case.

She generally recommends that most patients have laboratory bloodwork that may be different from other tests you've had before.  We have negotiated deep discounted rates with the laboratory for our patients to get these tests done.

In the second visit, you will review the lab results and get the big picture for your care.  Dr. Winstrom highlights the areas she would like to work on with you and gives you a personal patient plan.  Like a teacher, she helps you understand what is going on with your body and suggests ways to correct these issues.  You collaborate on a long term care plan that works for you and a short term "bootcamp" plan gives you your first steps toward healing.

Affordable Consultations

We do not accept insurance and like most alternative medicine providers, Dr. Winstrom is considered out-of-network for all health insurance plans.  Patients receive the necessary documents to submit a claim directly to their insurance company for reimbursement according to their plans policy.

We strive to keep our prices within reach of patients paying both inside and outside of a constantly cost-increasing health insurance system. Our rates are competitive with other Functional Medicine doctors and M.D.s, we often run specials and discounts to both new and established patients.

We charge $400 per hour for consultations with the doctor.  The final charge will include the number of minutes you spend with her plus any post appointment follow-up items from your visit (5-10 minutes on average), such as ordering prescriptions, writing up your patient plan, or medical charting. 

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Lab Work

Dr. Winstrom has put together a panel of diagnostic blood work that gives her deeper insight than the tests you may normally get with your primary care physician.  These indicators are the initial clues Functional Medicine uses to look for the root cause of chronic conditions. 

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Course of Treatment

Our course of treatment involves a process of:  investigation > diagnosis > treatment/bootcamp > maintenance > stabilization. 

With commitment and determination, many patients dealing with chronic illness can reach stabilization within 6-18 months. During the initial phases, we generally consult with new patients every 6 weeks to 3 months. Once patients stabilize, we may only need to touch base once or twice a year.  The stages outlined below show what a typical patient can expect during treatment in regards to the number of visits and amount of lab work needed.  This is just an example as every patient is unique and may have a slightly different timeline.

If you are looking for natural, integrative, holistic medicine from a certified M.D. who truly listens to your body, you've found us!

Are we a good fit for you?

In some cases, we are not the best fit for a patient's needs.  

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