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Dr. Winstrom is a certified M.D. licensed in the State of Texas

Specializing in Functional Medicine - proactive, holistic health, deep diagnostic investigation for finding the root causes of disease, diet and lifestyle intervention, and natural approaches to healing chronic conditions.


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Our Specialties

- Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy - Thyroid Conditions - AutoImmune Disease - Blood Sugar Regulation

- Gastrointestinal Disorders - Chronic Fatigue - Food Allergies/Sensitivities - And More. . .

Dr. Winstrom hard at work in 1985

Decades of Trusted Care

For over 30 years, thousands of families have considered "Doc W" a trusted confidante and partner in their well-being.

"My family has been seeing Dr. Winstrom for 30 years, and for good reason. She listens and gives you the time you want and need! She asks all the right questions! She doesn’t push pills as solutions! She laughs! She has wonderful compassion! She leaves no stone unturned in her quest to keep me healthy. She is on top of the latest information, answers all my questions, and provides me with new ideas and resources to meet my health needs. ”

~ Shannon B.

The Experience of Traditional Medicine Coupled with the Ground-Breaking Results of Functional Medicine

Dr. Winstrom has seen almost everything in her years of practicing traditional medicine. She has observed where the acute care approach works well for certain patients and has also witnessed first hand where the symptom and pharmaceutical-focused traps of the insurance driven medical system fails patients.

She has been committed to ongoing learning, welcoming new research, and implementing new practices that she sees make a difference with her patients. She has dedicated herself to the ongoing study in the advancing disciplines of natural, alternative, integrative, and Functional Medicine. Dr. Winstrom has found that the approach of Functional Medicine fundamentally makes sense for the future of preventative care.

Dr. Winstrom Walks the Talk

Dr. Winstrom may be a grandmother but she has the unstoppable radiant energy of a kid. She walks the talk and it shows!

When she is not in the office, she is out in the fields running a 100+ acre organic farm and grass-fed beef ranch (where she carries twice as big a load as the farmhands).

She considers herself to be the ultimate guinea pig for everything she advocates to patients. And apparently, it's all working!

Partnering to Empower Self-Directed Patients

The Internet has become a wonderful tool to bring the specialized knowledge of medical experts to patients who want and deserve to know what is going on with their own bodies. It is often the place one turns to when the traditional medical field has not served them well or has blown off their symptoms as "normal."

We love to work with patients who investigate diagnostic hypotheses that fit their experience and symptoms and research the full breadth of treatment options. Our goal is to partner with you as a patient in your health journey and provide appropriate treatments and medical guidance while helping you identify and avoid the snake-oil salesmen!

Cutting Edge Diagnostic Tools for Personalized Care

In Functional Medicine, we want to investigate and find out what is going on with your particular body and measure the impacts as we make natural modifications.

There are many advancements in the scientific understanding of the body and how nutrition, environment and sleep play a role in the microbiome, hormone production, and immune functions. We perform a revealing panel of tests that help paint a full picture of what is going on with your particular body. We also offer a wide variety of specialty testing related to hormones, sensitivities/allergies, environmental toxins and gastrointestinal health.

By going outside of the insurance system, we have negotiated great cash-pay discounts for our patients. This means we are able to provide cutting edge insight, helping us pinpoint exactly what each individual body needs, and positively impact your lifelong health, for less than your might spend on a tune-up for your car.

Please note: certain states have restrictions on the kinds of lab tests that can be performed. Be sure to speak to a member of our staff about these limitations.

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