Our Specialties

Functional Medicine with a Licensed M.D.

Gut & Digestive Issues

Optimizing Peak Health

Natural Hormones


Allergies & Food Sensitivities

Brain Fog, Memory, Sleeplessness

Stress Induced Health Problems

Investigative Diagnostics

Diet & Nutrition

Personalized Plans & Protocols

Advanced Diagnostic Lab Testing

We Also Offer . . .

  • Annual lab work

  • Chronic sinus issue evaluations

  • Blood sugar evaluations and testing

  • Autoimmune evaluations and testing

  • Hashimoto’s thyroiditis treatment

  • Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

  • Second opinions

  • Testosterone testing and bioidentical hormones for male testosterone

  • Menopause treatment options and solutions for menstrual problems

  • Low dose naltrexone treatments

  • Evaluations and protocols for high cholesterol and high blood pressure, naturally, without drugs if possible

  • Diabetes prevention, mitigation and even reversal through diet

  • Professional guidance in getting off drugs or medications

  • Root cause analysis of almost any health problem, including prevention strategy

If we can’t help heal it, we will listen to your case thoroughly and help you determine your next step.

We NO LONGER Offer . . .

  • Cold and flu diagnosis or treatments (unless chronic, please see your primary care physician or an urgent care facility)

  • Female pelvic exams and pap smears (we CAN do the rest of your Well Woman visit)

  • Controlled-substance prescriptions (no Opiate or Adderall prescriptions)

  • Minor surgeries or procedures

  • Referrals to specialists needed for insurance coverage purposes (insurance companies do not recognize out-of-network referrals)