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State Licensing & Use of "M.D."

Dr. Winstrom is licensed as an M.D. in Family Practice in the State of Texas. But Medical Licenses are granted by each state separately. If you are visiting our website from another state, please understand that Dr. Winstrom does not have an M.D. license in your state and is not advertising her M.D. credentials to you. State-by-state regulations on advertising of medical services as well as on telemedicine vary. She can take on patients from many states for phone visits and some in person visits, especially for Functional Medicine care, which is not necessarily a set of services performed under the M.D. title. However, there may be limitations on the medical and-- particularly-- prescription-related treatment services she can provide via telemedicine to out-of-state patients seen only by phone. If you are an out-of-state patient seeking her care for primarily medical treatment and prescription services, please check your state's restrictions at to see if working with her is appropriate for your case or if you need to find a locally licensed physician. Out-of-state patients may encounter complications with reimbursement by insurance for her services because she is practicing in a different state. If you are relying on insurance reimbursement, please call your insurance company to verify what your coverage and reimbursement rates will be with our practice. Some of the advanced diagnostic tests we offer are also subject to various state regulations and may not be available to patients in all 50 states.

Third Party Affiliate Disclaimer

We do not like to see physicians become salesmen and we hold ourselves to a high ethical standard on commissions. However, we occasionally receive small commissions on products that are 100% aligned with our values and we recommend products on this website and include a link that provides us a commission on sales. We never let this influence our choices or recommendations, commissions do not guide treatment decisions. Dr. Winstrom receives a portion of the profit on supplements recommended through the Fullscript dispensary. You never pay more than the manufacturer's recommended price. We value your trust in us as partners in your healthcare decisions and strive to maintain the highest integrity. This website may contain links to other sites that are not under the control of the our practice or anyone representing our practice. We are not responsible for any content or experience one may have when leaving our website.