What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine asks: Why are you having these symptoms? What is the root cause?

Dr. Winstrom & Practice Manager, Kirsten Tabolt

Let's find the root cause and treat it naturally by giving your body what it needs to heal itself

Functional Medicine

Finding and Treating the Root Cause of Chronic Health Issues

Have you ever asked yourself, "WHY am I having these symptoms? WHY does my condition flare up all the time? Am I going to have to take these medications for the rest of my life?" Even wore, have you ever asked your primary care physician those same questions only to hear that what you're experiencing is "normal" and are prescribed yet another medication?

Many physicians just don't have an answer and traditional medicine does not teach physicians to investigate, digging deeper to find the answer to these questions. America's health system incentivizes giving quick fixes to symptoms.

Functional Medicine is a branch of medical care that focuses on finding and treating the underlying causes of health problems in a patient's life rather than just prescribing pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms.

Dr. Winstrom has embraced the emergence of Functional Medicine and finding the root cause of chronic diseases, truly transforming bodies back to a state of natural vitality - this is the reason she gets out of bed and practices medicine every day!

Food and Lifestyle as Medicine

Good food and quality sleep are some of the best medicines. Yet, in today's confusing and complex world, staying healthy or overcoming a chronic illness can be a challenge that requires an informed partnership.

It is increasingly obvious that diet, environment, and lifestyle are at the root cause of many of our nation's health epidemics. If appropriate, we try to help patients get to a point where they can stop taking medications because they are healthy, naturally. . .through their diet and lifestyle.

We believe in the body's ability to rebound if given what it needs. We watch the body's natural processes and do sophisticated testing to see what is happening on the metabolic level across the body. Dr. Winstrom gets to the root of the issue and then prescribes natural strategies to not just scratch the itch but to get the body into a cycle where it can truly heal.

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