Reduced Rates During the COVID-19 Crisis

We are reducing our consultation rates by $100/hr (25%) during the coronavirus pandemic to help you get the care you need now.

As part of an effort to give back and remove obstacles to healthcare during a time when chronic condition management is crucial, we are reducing our phone consultation rate with Dr. Winstrom by $100/hr. Phone consultations will be billed at $300/hr, a 25% discount off our standard $400/hr rate through February 28, 2021. Read more about our rates and policies below.

Holistic Telemedicine Consultations

Holistic Medicine for the 21st Century

We've evolved our holistic functional medicine practice for the 21st century.

Dr. Winstrom's deep care approach transforms chronic illness at the root cause.

Her Functional Medicine practice combines the best of traditional, evidence-based medicine, with new and ancient natural healing practices.

We bring you Dr. Winstrom's same nurturing care that she has been practicing for over 30 years, wherever you are. We have a network of labs, pharmacies, and online partners that let us work with you just about anywhere you can take a phone call.

Consultations seldom require hands-on exams or in-person meetings. Instead, it requires being convenient enough to consistently stay in touch. Working together, step-by-step, through a personalized health plan that involves diet changes, lifestyle adjustments, and natural remedies, often reducing the need for medications.

We can bring you the latest advances in diagnostic techniques along with deeper insight, no matter where you are.

How does it work?

For most patients, the course of care from diagnosis to healing lasts from four months to one year.

At the beginning, patients fill out an extensive Functional Medicine specific health history and can even upload medical data such as past test results using our online tools. Dr. Winstrom spends time reviewing this information before the first consultation.

During the first visit Dr. Winstrom gets to know you and probes further into areas she would like to explore within in your case.

She generally recommends that most patients have laboratory bloodwork that may be different from other tests you've had before. We have negotiated deep discounted rates with the laboratory for our patients to get these tests done.

In the second visit, you will review the lab results and get the big picture for your care. Dr. Winstrom highlights the areas she would like to work on with you and gives you a personal patient plan. Like a teacher, she helps you understand what is going on with your body and suggests ways to correct these issues. You collaborate on a long term care plan that works for you and a short term "bootcamp" plan gives you your first steps toward healing.

Functional Medicine

Phone or Video Consultations


Telemedicine Pricing & Policies

Our convenient phone and video consultations are billed at a standard rate of $400/hour. Charges are billed based on time spent on the phone with the doctor, plus time spent working on follow-up tasks related to your case. For most patients, follow-up work like sending prescriptions to your pharmacy and writing up your treatment plan takes only about 5-10 minutes. A credit card must be kept on file and a signed billing policy in place. If your case is more complex and requires additional time for extensive document review, consultation with colleagues, or researching novel treatments, please ask the doctor to discuss ways to keep care within your budget. Dr. Winstrom loves to find creative ways to help keep your care affordable.

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