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Why partner with Dr. Winstrom?

Dr. Winstrom partners with patients to transform their lives. A trusted expert with over 30 years experience as an MD, she goes far beyond filling prescriptions to guide patients to make impactful, natural changes in their bodies.

Her practice is rooted in an emerging branch of integrative alternative medicine called Functional Medicine. She balances evidence-based testing and treatment with a natural, holistic approach that looks beyond symptoms to the underlying root causes of recurring issues.

For patients, the most important outcome is a return of greater energy and mental focus. Her patients attribute their success to her deep listening, her respect for the patient's experience of their bodies, her personalized testing and research, and her individualized, actionable, patient health plans.

She spends time with her patients, truly listening to them, taking detailed history, ordering tests that reveal the root cause of disease. She pieces together genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that can impact long-term health and complex chronic disease.


Successfully Treating Each Unique Patient through Experience, Empathy, & Insight


Bringing Advanced Diagnostic Testing & Evidence-Based Treatments to Your Case


Telemedicine: Video & Phone Consultations Plus Testing Through a Lab Near You

Our Approach to Healing through Functional Medicine

We partner with our patients to bring real healing to chronic conditions through changes to diet, lifestyle, environment, natural therapy, weening off many pharmaceuticals, and specialized alternative treatments. In Functional Medicine, not only do we do advanced testing to diagnose issues, but we search deeper to find the root cause of recurring problems. Many issues are caused or made worse by societal conditions and we have had success with a wide range of treatments, always fine-tuned to each patient's unique body.

It's Time to Try Telemedicine for a One-on-One Connection with a Doctor who Cares

We offer the entire course of our Functional Medicine care via telemedicine to patients across the country. We were doing telemedicine for years before it became the new normal! Since many conditions rarely really require a physical exam, we offer consultations with Dr. Winstrom by phone or video, which can be much more affordable than the cost of clinics that have to see hundreds of patients daily. This also lets us dedicate more time and focus to your case. In conjunction with our online digital tools to track your progress, nationwide blood draw centers, and our ability to work with specialty pharmacies around the country, there's not much need to break your routine for a visit to an office.

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"My family has been seeing Dr. Winstrom for 30 years.

She listens and gives you the time you need. She asks all the right questions. She does not push pills. She has wonderful compassion. She leaves no stone unturned in her quest to keep me healthy. She is on top of the latest information, answers all my questions, and provides me with new ideas and resources to meet my health needs."

- Shannon B.

" We were both Dr. Winstrom's patients and her care for us was so impactful on our lives and our families that we decided to work for her! She just really, really cares and she listens with respect to self-motivated patients in a way that is so rare. The way she is always learning and researching new evidence-based avenues to pursue for her patients is truly inspiring. We love helping her help other people."

- Leah & Kirsten (Staff)