Welcome to Your Functional Medicine Journey with Dr. Margit Winstrom

While you wait for your appointment, this is a great time to learn and prepare for the journey

Next Steps

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Be on the lookout for emails or a phone call from our office. After you submit your booking form, we will call you with a selection of appointment times. We will email you a new account login for our secure electronic medical record system, Power2Patient, your portal to your private health information. Please check your spam folder and adjust settings to make sure any email notifications from our system are not getting lost.

Gather Health History

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Think about how you'll present your case to Dr. Winstrom. Make notes to prioritize health challenges, ask family about any relevant genetic issues, and gather records from doctors you have seen in the past. Once you have a confirmed appointment time and we have emailed you the registration link, you can login to the patient portal to start filling out your medical history.

Prep for a Video Visit

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If you selected a video appointment, you can have your video call on any computer, tablet, or smartphone that is connected to the internet. Decide which device will be best to use at the time. If you are going to use a smartphone or tablet, please download the Zoom Meeting app onto your device in advance. Then, at the time of your appointment, just login to the patient portal a few minutes in advance and follow the link to join the meeting.

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