Doc's Grass-Fed Beef

The Healthiest Beef at 1/4 the Price


is average final price per pound when you buy and butcher a whole animal from Doc. That's a tiny fraction of the prices you find at Whole Foods for prime grass-fed beef. Save a healthy bundle & grill like kings all year when you buy direct from the Doctor's ranch!

Grass-fed Beef

Between patients, Dr. Winstrom is out in the fields wrangling her herd of Black Angus-Red Devon grass-fed beef cattle. These happy animals graze on fields nourished with compost tea, that have not seen any chemical fertilizers or pesticides for over a decade. She does not use any antibiotics or hormones. She has not applied for organic certification but uses organic practices that are great for the soil and make for healthy, delicious beef for grilling, roasting, smoking, & bone brothing to get your body nourished!

Know Your Rancher, Know Your Food!

How A Whole Animal Share Works

1. Go in with friends on a whole animal from Dr. Winstrom. Choose your steer below!

2. Doc will drop off your steer at Dan's Meat Market in Brenham, TX in early 2019 (TBD post-purchase).

3. You pay Dan's Meat Market the processing fee & give them your butchering instructions.

4. Pick up the frozen meat with a bunch of coolers when they call you.

$2879 Live Animal

Live Animal Weight: ~ 1350 lbs (+/- 150lb)

(Hanging) Butchered Beef Weight: ~ 850 lb (~63% Live Weight)

Plus, you will pay ~$586 ($0.69/lb Hanging Weight) to slaughterhouse/butcher

($2879 + $586) / (1350 * 63%) = $4.08/lb

Choose Your Steer

These steers are sired by a 100% Certified Black Angus Bull for that yummy Texas-loved Angus flavor (you can see their huge Angus daddy behind "Dervish"). Their mamas are Red Devon, the best breed for raising grass fed beef in drier Southern climates with great genes to take our Texas heat & efficiently turn good grass into tasty meat on short frames. Their fur comes out Red or Black like a roll of the dice.

"DuMont" #704

"Dervish" (No Tag)

"Umami" #709

Butchered as You Like

  1. MIXED CUTS: If your clan likes to cook a variety of cuts, you can pass on or customize our standard cutting instructions for a mix of Brisket, Ribs, Prime Cuts, Steaks, Roasts, & get the rest as Ground Beef. (See cut list below)
  2. ALL GROUND: Does your crew eat burgers & chili 24/7? Get your portion as all premium grade ground beef with all the prime mixed in. Easy to divide & kid friendly.
  3. CUSTOM: Give the slaughterhouse & butcher any custom instructions you like.


How many pounds of each cut result from our standard cut list?

Multiply the following avg cut percentages (from Texas A&M Grassfed Beef Conference)

by the hanging animal weight to see how many pounds of each cut you can expect.

Roasted Shank Steak

Don't believe the hype around the age-old popular cuts. Folks who only go in for the supposedly more tender cuts are seriously missing out . . . on flavor. Just ask the latest generation of Millennial butchers reviving old world cuts. Generally, the tougher the cut, the more of that delicious unctuousness is available-- you just have to cook it a bit longer. One of Dr. Winstrom's family's favorite Christmas dinner mains is a slow-cooked grass-fed beef shank recipe by her gourmet Brooklyn son-in-law.

Recipe coming soon . . .

Doc's Crockpot Bone Broth Recipe

Grass-fed beef bone broth is an incredibly nutrient dense food in a form that is most easy for our bodies to absorb. For many cancer patients who have trouble getting the nutrients they need even from expensive supplements, grassfed beef broth is the best food they can eat to replenish depleated minerals. Plus, it is delicious!

Stop spending a fortune on store bought stocks for all your soups, stews, and chili.

Or, just drink it! Bone broth is the hottest drink in NYC!

Recipe coming Soon . . .